630 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 440-1390



SAYBROOK is located at 4390 47th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95823, South Sacramento, east of Highway 99 at 47th Avenue

SERNA is located at 5836 Dudley Blvd. McClellan, CA 95652 Located on North East corner of McClellan Business Park.


SAYBROOK is a 56-unit complex consisting of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units. This property was completely renovated in 2005. This site receives additional funding to provide services so families must comply with additional requirements in order to live here.

SERNA is an 84-unit complex consisting of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units. This property, with all energy efficient appliances, was built in 2006. This is a Program based community designed for the homeless population willing to learn the life skills necessary so their families may become self-sustainable. This site receives additional funding to provide services so families must comply with additional requirements in order to live here.

For both properties, housing is provided at these sites as long as the family participates in support services. If the family chooses to not participate in support services, they will lose their housing.


What types of rental units are available?
One, two, and three bedroom units for Saybrook and two, three and four bedroom units for Serna are available at this property. Accessible units area available also.

What amenities does this property offer?
Saybrook: Supportive Services, Community Center/Resident Services Office, Adult classes, Tot lot and basketball court, Schools nearby, On-site parking, Head start program on-site.

Serna: Supportive Services, Community Center, SkyLab Youth Program, Vegatative Landscaping & Garden Group, Two Playgrounds, On-Site Parking, Schools Nearby, AeroSpace Academy across the street.

How much is the rent?
The rent amount is based on your income. Rent and utilities are calculated to be about 30 percent of your income.



What are the income requirements to live here?
The total gross annual household income must not be more than the following amounts for your family size:

1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
$28,050 $32,050 $36,050 $40,050 $43,300 $46,500 $49,700 $52,900

Is the waiting list first come, first served?
No. Priority is given to families that:

  • live, work or are hired to work in Sacramento County and
  • have a disabled family member and
  • are homeless and
  • member of household is a U.S. veteran

If families meet all of the above, their applications are considered based on date and time of submission.

Can I receive a tenant-based voucher if I live here?
Maybe. Families living at this site receive a project-based voucher (PBV). This PBV is good for this site only. After you've lived there for a year, if you'd like to move and continue to receive rental assistance, you may request a tenant-based voucher (TBV). You will receive a TBV if one is available. If a TBV is not available, you can request to be placed on a waiting list and you will receive a TBV as one becomes available.

Saybrook and Serna receive additional funding which requires that families must be homeless.

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