• You may submit an application for as many sites as where you would choose to live.
  • Only one application per head of household will be accepted for each site. For example, if you submit two applications for the Walnut Grove (or Marina Vista or Alder Grove or Twin Rivers or the Elderly-only) waiting list, we will only accept one application.
  • It is best to submit on-line (rather than mailing a paper application) because your application will be considered based on the date and time it is received. If you submit on-line, you will receive a confirmation immediately. Please submit the electronic application only.
  • You must go to the site to get an access code. Then you can use any computer with Internet access to apply on-line. Your local library has computers available for your use.
  • Your access code can be used to submit an application only once. Once you click on the “Submit” button, the access code cannot be used again by you or anyone else.
  • If you lose your access code, you must return to the site to request another access code.
Please enter your access code here and then click the Submit button: